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According to most statistical research, the average visitor leaves a website after just eight seconds. That’s how long you have to grab their attention and show them that you can provide the information they want to address their needs.

The day when you could have a website that says how long you have been trading, what you do, how great your customer service is, then expect customers to contact you is long gone.

Today you need to very quickly demonstrate that visitors are in the right place and start telling them a story, showing how you have the solution to their problem.

And when 50-80% of your visitors will be viewing your website on a mobile or tablet, you need to have a mobile responsive website as a bare minimum. Actually, that’s just the start.

The mobile revolution is about more than just how people view your website, it’s about how they interact with your website. Or not!

Understanding how customers interact with your website, the customer journey through your website and the methods to encourage them to Engage with you is critical in making your online marketing successful.

Let us create a website that right for your business, one that Engages your target customers and generates the sales enquiries your business needs.

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