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Harness the Power of Facebook Adverts to reach your target audience when they are most receptive

Facebook promotions, both adverts and sponsored posts have had a remarkable effect for both B2B and B2C products and services in recent times. Even if you don’t like social media, you can’t afford to ignore this incredibly targeted platform.

Users provide their age, relationship status, gender, hobbies, interests, geographical location, education, books they’ve read, films they’ve seen, who their friends are, where they have been and a whole lot more to create a detailed profile of their lives.

From a marketing point of view information like that is dynamite as it gives you the opportunity to really hone in on your target audience.

At WNW Digital, we can set up a Facebook advertising campaign or promote specific posts that will target your key demographics on your behalf.

“I had been struggling for months to find a new employee through recruitment agencies and vacancy advertisements. WNW Digital were already doing SEO for my website and they suggested using Facebook Adverts to target people who may be interested in my job listing. I wanted one person with a good CV within a month, and WNW exceeded my expectations by finding me two people with great CVs by the middle of the advertising campaign! I am so pleased with how this project was run – the team kept me informed every step of the way. I now have two new members to my team, at a much lower cost than recruitment has cost me before.”
James Duckworth, Pellow Flat Roofing

Find your Customers with Amazing Precision

  • We define your target market
  • Create great adverts that drive engagement
  • Advise on imagery (you’ll be amazed how important this is)
  • Split test the wording & images to find what works best for you
  • Track your Return on Investment
  • Want to target your existing customer list? Facebook has amazing tools to help you
  • Display Facebook Adverts to people who have recently visited your website

Facebook Adverts can Revolutionise your Digital Marketing

Facebook Advertising has loads of amazing features to help make your adverts successful, not just the advanced targeting. Split testing, free image library and options that let you pay only when visitors take specific actions on your website.

Not forgetting that Facebook provides advanced analytics that let you track exactly what you spend, which pages visitors look at and what you Return on Investment is.

If you would like to know how Facebook Advertising can revolutionise your business, please contact us today.