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Using the power of Pay Per Click Advertising can produce immediate and controllable results…

Google AdWords

Getting targeted visitors to your website is essential. It doesn’t matter how good your website is or how great your prices and the brilliant products and services you offer are, if you don’t get targeted visitor traffic then your website isn’t going to be effective.

An effective way to reach targeted visitors is via Google AdWords. There are no better people to attract to your website than people who have already pre-qualified themselves as prospects by actively searching for your products or services.

Google Adwords, sometimes known as Pay Per Click or PPC, brings you customers who are searching right now for what you sell.

And as you only pay if someone clicks on your advertising it means you only pay for positive results.

Google Adwords also incorporates Google Product Ads and Remarketing, which are exciting new tools to make your Adwords campaigns even more effective. YouTube Advertising is also controlled from your Google AdWords account, as Google also own YouTube.

You only pay when someone clicks through to your website, based upon keywords you have chosen. Provided you choose relevant keywords, this means you are only paying for visitors who are interested in whatever your website has to offer.

Sell Your Products effectively using Google Product Adverts

This is where a picture of your product appears, alongside the price. As most people are visually oriented, pictures draw the eye and capture visitor attention much more effectively than text-only adverts.  Using Google shopping, we have generated some fantastic, profitable results for our clients.

Remind prospects to buy from you using Google Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing where your advert appears to people who have recently visited your website when they browse seemingly unrelated websites. It is also part of the Google Adwords system. Remarketing has proven very effective in getting people who would otherwise have been lost to return and purchase. It also has the added benefit of making you seem a much bigger company than might otherwise be the case, as your advert is appearing on lots of high profile websites. Remarketing works well for both products and services.

Google Adwords Campaign Management from a Google Partner

WNW Digital are Google Partners, which means we have the expertise and experience you need to make sure your company benefits from Pay Per Click. Our Google Qualified specialists will manage and monitor every step of your campaign from keyword selection to conversion tracking, to ensure your campaign is cost effective.

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