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The secret of a great website is attracting potential customers and getting them to contact you

Having a great looking website is all very well but if few people visit the website and those who do visit don’t make contact with you then all the time and expense building the website has been wasted.

The secret is to attract targeted visitors to your website, either by ensuring your website gets found when they search Google or by proactively targeting potential customers, using Facebook Advertising, Social Media or other marketing platforms.

But driving visitors to your website is only half the issue. If the few that visit don’t contact you then all the visitors in the world won’t help.

Typically 99% of website visitors will never contact you

It’s a sad fact but on average only 1 in 100 visitors will contact you. And 50% of those will leave your website in under 8 seconds! That means 99% were interested enough to search for your products or services but never contact you.

Just changing this figure to 98% would double the success of your website! What would that do to your profits?

Understanding how to engage visitors with your website, how the online Buying Cycle works and how to encourage people make contact can make an enormous difference to the success of your website.

Would you like more online sales enquiries?

At WNW Digital we specialise in working with Business Owners and Managers who want to get more sales leads and enquiries for their Products or Services but without selling online.

Google Partners, WNW Digital are experts in Search Engine Optimisation, Adwords, Facebook Advertising, Social Media and Email Marketing, we know the right strategy and tools to use to drive targeted visitors to your website, engage with them and turn them into paying customers.

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