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Everyone knows that the best way to grow your business is through referrals from existing customers. Because people prefer to recommend their friends, you tend to get to work with nice people who already trust you and are happy to do business with you.

The question is: How do I get more referrals?

One part of getting referrals, is obviously providing a service which people are happy to recommend, which, we always strive to do. The second part, the bit which is usually overlooked, is to ask for referrals and then make it easy for those contacts to make those introductions.

In 2018, WNW Digital, is looking to work with a small number of new clients, some will come through our normal marketing channels, but most, hopefully, will come from referrals from you, our clients.

To refer a friend to WNW Digital: Simply pass on our details and remind them to mention your name. Alternatively, give us their contact details and we will call them. To do this, fill out the form below.

To say thank you, we will give you five free hours of additional SEO, social media or website updates if you introduce a contact who buys a website or a digital marketing package, AND we’ll give them five hours of SEO or social media to get them started.

How’s that for a win, win, win?

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