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Are you connecting with your customers and prospects?

In today’s connected world you know that your customers, prospects, competitors and staff are all using social media.

Social Media gives you a direct path of contact between you and your customers. It allows you to communicate with them and them with you.

And knowing what your customers are saying about you to their friends and followers is potentially even more important!

But the problem for most busy business owners is finding time to work out which networks are right for you and ensuring you consistently update your profiles and interact with customers.

So relax and let us take care of your social media for you, in the way that fits best for your business.

We can support your business with Social Media at four different levels:

1. Some businesses just want help setting up the Profiles, ensuring they are correctly branded and some initial training, with user guidelines. Then they can manage the social media themselves.

2. Others feel that after the initial guidance it’s useful to talk to us regularly to receive advice and guidance on how best to proceed.

3. Brand Monitoring means that we are able to step in and engage with customers on your behalf, to ensure enquiries are dealt with when you are busy.

4. Full Social Media Campaign management is available for clients who know they need to be on social media but don’t want to get involved at all.

Social Media

Social Media Affects Your Google Listings too…

Not only do your customers expect you to engage with social media, but Google increasingly ranks their search results on the influence of Social Media, it’s known as “Social Search.” So ensuring Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+ are up to date is vital to drive visitor traffic to your website.

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